Emil Kallina frequently speaks to professionals and donors all over the United States.
We are known for finding creative answers to a variety of complex problems.
Established in 1982, we have over 30 years of experience in the charitable world.
Our Holistic Approach

Have you ever had a personal problem that impacted your work? Or a financial problem that impacted your estate? The areas of your life are not mutually exclusive. Why should your advisors be? We provide interdisciplinary insight and oversight.

Our Educational Website

Several years ago, we saw a gap in our industry. Tax attorneys, financial planners, accountants and development officers needed resources. The few materials that were available were incomplete. Other tools were non-existent. So we created them. The website for professional advisors: is an online tool for planning professionals seeking to manage their research, save time and make educated decisions.
A daily digest of news and information, expertly focused to provide you with a razor-sharp view of the impact on industry, the law, and most importantly, the context surrounding the information.
A comprehensive and ever-growing collection of full-text, public-domain documents from an extensive array of governmental and other public sources, kept current daily by our proprietary technology.
A collection of expertly developed, highly-accurate, industry-specific calculations that help you quickly get down to the dollars and cents of a charitable gift.
A definitive guide to the world of charitable planning for the novice and the expert alike, the Handbook contains up-to-date information on industry-related law and resources.