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What is Our Connection to CharitablePlanning.com?

During his 35-years practice as a tax and estate planning attorney, Mr. Kallina has recognized the need to educate charities and planned professionals - to keep them current with accurate, up-to-date information on charitable planning. To meet this need, Mr. Kallina started CharitablePlanning.com in 2006.

The attorneys at Kallina & Associates serve as editors of CharitablePlanning.com. Their years of education and experience ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content CharitablePlanning.com provides to its users.

What is CharitablePlanning.com?

CharitablePlanning.com is an online tool designed to assist planning professionals seeking to save time, manage their research, and make educated decisions based on the latest developments in the charitable planning arena. In addition to publishing a daily newsletter, our website offers a fully searchable library containing over 800,000 public domain documents, useful calculations, and personal research management, as well as access to the definitive Handbook on Charitable Planning.

Our daily newsletters contain articles, current events in the legislature and courts, planned giving case studies, and up-to-the-moment commentary on the latest IRS rulings and regulations. Our editors expertly focus the commentary to provide the reader a razor-sharp view of the issue at hand and its possible impact on the industry. Working with charities and planning professionals for the past 35-years has taught us how to structure our commentaries, so beginners and experts alike easily understand the "bottom line" of rulings, new laws, recommendations, and much more.

The items listed below are a small sample of what CharitablePlanning.com has to offer its users.

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