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A Legacy of Values

In the face of death taxes, it is not easy to preserve and bequeath assets to younger generations. It is even more difficult to bequeath the values that made wealth possible. Charitable giving is the only estate planning tool which has a major impact on both of these areas of concern.

A carefully structured estate plan can maximize the size of the inheritable estate. At the same time, it can provide the ideal conditions for imparting important values to younger generations.

For example, the establishment of a supporting organization or a family foundation, administered by family members and chartered to make annual gifts, is an excellent vehicle for molding the character of younger generations. The process of learning about community needs, deciding among applications, and measuring the relative impact of contributions can instill a strong family ethic of civic responsibility and philanthropy. Such an organization can also provide successive generations with the benefits of a recognized family name which is associated with the prestige and power to make things happen for the common good.

A good name and a good character arguably are the most significant and enduring legacies of all.

You can direct and control the value of the legacy you leave. Or, you can rely on Government to exercise its wisdom and discretion on behalf of your heirs and future generations. To choose the Government directed option, do nothing. Or, you can take control, by contacting us.

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